Process for MAB entry and Registeres Advisory

  • Assistance during the various stages of the process.
  • Corporate relationship with CNMV, Stock Market, etc.
  • Preparation of the “Information Memorandum”.
  • Registered advisory of listed companies.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&B)

  • Sales processes. We assist companies, borads of director sor shareholders.
  • DCM Asesores has a solid experience in the process of buying and consolidation of companies.
  • Mergers advice.

Financial Restructuring

  • Comprehensive review of the objetives and avaliable financing options.
  • Fundrasing and / or investors establishing.
  • Refinancing strategy.
  • Products to optimize the capital structure.
  • Refinancing / repayment of capital.

Capital Market

  • Extensive experience in the financial markets.
  • Preparation and advisory of companies in the IPO process.
  • Negotiations with the underwriters to optimize yields. Provate placements of capital.
  • Study and analysis of debt markets.