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How to trade on MAB

The Alternative Investment Market (MAB) facilitates small cap companies a simple and efficient access to the market. It is a platform designed for small businesses with expansion projects that can benefit from the advantages of the market This market is characterized by:


In addition to the Companies in Expansion, in the MAB other types of companies are listed as:


Companies wishing to join MAB must be public limited companies that are selling products or services, or have advanced relevant actions, and that meet the requirements of transparency, information and incorporation.

The MAB has adapted all the existing procedures so that these companies can be listed in the market, but without giving up an adequate level of transparency. For this we have introduced the figure of Registered Adviserspecialized professionals to help companies throughout the process, from the Incorporation to the market until the day to day of their quotation. The Registered Adviser is the link between the companies that decide to start their journey in the MAB and BME as market manager.

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This market has a custom regulation, designed specifically for companies, and with costs and processes adapted to their characteristics. The MAB has a Regulation. The supplementary rules of this Regulation are stablished in the Circulars and Operating Instructions that the multilateral trading system approves accordance with the Regulation.
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