BME Growth Segment

BME Growth Segment

What is BME Growth?

BME Growth allows small and medium-sized companies with an ambitious and solid expansion project to access the capital markets. Regulation and costs are adapted to SMEs. In it, companies from any sector are admitted, including REITs.

The main characteristics of this market are:

  • BME Growth is the segment for SMEs (including REITs) of BME MTF Equity, a multilateral trading system managed by BME and subject to the supervision of the CNMV.
  • It is aimed at both institutional investors and individual investors.
  • It has information, contracting and process requirements adapted to its characteristics.
  • It is a learning platform for companies with the right size to be listed in a regulated market.

How to list on BME Growth?

The main requirements for a company to join the BME Growth segment are:

  • Be a public limited company.
  • The capital stock must be subscribed, paid up and freely transferable.
  • The shares must be represented by book entries.
  • Submit an Information Document of Incorporation to the Market, in the event of an IPO, EU Growth Prospectus.
  • The issuer must be marketing products or services, or have developed actions related to the preparation of that marketing activity, obtaining income as a result of this marketing or of transactions, operations and financial contributions
  • Appoint a Registered Advisor and a Liquidity Provider.
  • It is necessary that shareholders with percentages lower than 5% of the share capital represent an estimated value of not less than two million euros.

See BME Growth Rulebook

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Why list on BME Growth?

Benefits of being a listed company

Being a listed company offers, among others, the following advantages:

  • Financing of growth, being a possible alternative to traditional bank financing.
  •  Being a listed company gives visibility and prestige to investors and stakeholders. Strengthening the position within the value chain and contributing to the recruitment of talent.
  • Get a daily target value. The price of a company’s shares incorporates growth and profit expectations in the valuation, in addition to other external variables.
  • Offers liquidity to shareholders. Listed companies in the BME Growth segment have the figure of the Liquidity Provider.
  • A professionalization of the company that gives solidity to growth.