What is Euronext?

Euronext is Europe’s leading pan-European market with a presence in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon and Oslo. More than 1,400 companies have a presence in the Euronext markets. Within the markets for SMEs are Euronext Access and Euronext Growth.

The main characteristics of the Euronext SME markets are:

  • Euronext Access and Euronext Growth are multilateral trading markets.
  • It is aimed at both institutional investors and individual investors at the European level.
  • It has information and contracting requirements adapted to small and medium-sized companies.
  • Euronext Access serves, among other tasks, as a learning platform for joining Euronext Growth and this can be used in turn as a preliminary step to other markets.

Why list on Euronext Access or Euronext Growth?

  • It allows obtaining funds for growth.
  • Diversify sources of financing.
  • Increases the prestige of the company in the sector.
  • Professionalize the structure of the company.
  • It serves to improve the recruitment of talent.
  • It allows shareholders to get greater liquidity from their investment.

Requirements for listing on Euronext Access or Growth