Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

It is necessary to have a Registered Advisor and sign a contract with a Liquidity Provider.

The company must have a liquidity provider, an account auditor and, where appropriate, an independent expert to carry out the valuation of the company.

In Euronext Access it is necessary to enter the market. At Euronext Growth, it is necessary from the time it was put on the market until the market value is excluded.

To access Euronext Access or Euronext Growth it is not mandatory to have a liquidity provider.
Euronext Access does not oblige the provision of account auditing services, although this is ultimately subject to the legislation of each territory.

It is necessary that shareholders with percentages less than 5% of the share capital represent a value of two million euros and, additionally in the case of REITs, it is also possible for these minority shareholders to represent 25% of the shares issued by the society.

Yes. According to the applicable legislation, the shares of REITs must be admitted to trading on a regulated market or in a Spanish multilateral trading system or in that of any other member state of the European Union. Euronext Access meets the main requirements because it is a multilateral trading system and is present in Brussels, Paris and Lisbon.

From private investors to qualified investors such as investment funds.

Yes, both in the incorporation through an IPO or later through capital increases. In addition, being a listed company gives visibility to raise funds from various investment vehicles.

There is no established minimum number of shareholders.

Yes, it is necessary for shareholders with minority stakes to reach a value of one million euros in Euronext Access + and two and a half million in Euronext Growth.